LONDON - Tuesday 1st October 2024

Why Exhibit

Recruiting the right candidates into cyber security positions is a tough challenge for any business. Rather than trying to find unicorns many firms are establishing an early careers framework within the cyber security field, enabling them to build teams from the ground up.

The Cyber Pathways event is designed to provide exhibitors with the opportunity to meet the next generation of cyber security professionals and save time and money in the recruitment process.


Offering specific training courses in cyber related fields. The Expo is marketed to attract early careers candidates who want to enhance their skills and certifications. Many candidates will be interested in participating in online, in person and bootcamp style training courses. Training providers can also network with corporate clients and other exhibitors to establish leads and contacts for corporate training programmes.


Organisations/associations who offer membership which can help provide guidance and training pathways to early careers candidates starting their career in cyber security.


Who are looking to promote their specific cyber/computer science related courses to school and college leavers. Plus, postgraduates and professionals looking to further their career/education through a bachelors or masters’ course.


Any company or organisation who are looking to fill their apprenticeship/graduate/internship intakes with candidates who have already undertaken a cyber security/computer science/IT education. The show can help save time and money in filling intakes and building pipelines as you can meet and engage with many specialised candidates in one place.