LONDON - Tuesday 1st October 2024

Welcome to
Cyber Pathways E-Zone

Please see below the Cyber Pathways London 2023 Exhibitor Manual 

The manual will provide all the details you need to plan for the event 

    Exhibitor Name Badges


    Exhibitors will need to wear a Cyber Pathways EXPO branded badge on-site at all times for security reasons.

    Please register your exhibitors using the link below 

    There is no limit to the number of exhibitors to each stand but we recommend a maximum of 4 – 6 

    Badges will need to be collected on arrival at the registration desks

    Please note: Only first name, surname, company name will be printed on the badges

      Lead Recording Scanners


      Attendees and exhibitors will be given a name badge on arrival with a barcode, there is the option to purchase scanners which will enable you to capture the contact details of the attendees that you scan

      Handheld scanners or the mobile app cost is £162 for the day 

      Please book scanners prior to the event using the link below and payment will need to be made at the time of booking by credit card ONLY

      Please note:
      At the time of booking scanners you will be sent log in details from Jonas Events. Please retain these details as they will be needed to access your scanner date after the event

        If you have any questions please contact:
        Claire Pemberton – 07824 505303 –